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Recently, the Government launched a new and ambitious investment program to upgrade the nationís infrastructure and many other sectors. The Complementary Program of Growth Assistance (2009-2014) is a five-year investment plan consisting of more than US$150 billion dollars earmarked for vital fields and places a significant emphasis on diversifying the performing sectors in the Algerian economy.

Under the leadership of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria has embarked upon a vast scheme of national renewal. It is consolidating and deepening its democracy and relaunching its economy.

The country undertook structural and institutional reforms aimed at laying the foundation of a new economic system. The legal framework has been reviewed and adapted in order to liberalise the economy and promote free enterprise. These reforms were strengthened by further measures aimed at accelerating the structuring and privatisation process of state companies, at modernising the banking system and motivating private investments.

Algeria is determined to ensure its successful integration in the global economy and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalisation. It has already liberalised the general framework of its economy and is offering foreign investors all the facilities to develop their activities. Algeria is the second largest economy in Africa, and with a unique industrial and basic infrastructure in the region and a proven competitiveness of its manpower, it represents a potential and promising market. With its ideal geographic location and its huge potential out of its natural resources, Algeria country offers a new attractive perspective for foreign investors.

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