About Us

Mission Statement:
The Irish Algerian Business Council exists to enhance two way trade and investment between the Republic of Ireland and Algeria; to promote the economic relationship at the highest levels of business in both countries and to provide invaluable information and resources to Irish members who wish to establish a presence in Algeria.

The Irish Algerian Business Council is the premier business advocacy organisation representing companies in Ireland and Algeria. The Council will facilitate the creation of valuable diplomatic and mutually-beneficial commercial links between the two countries.


The Irish Algerian Business Council aims to boost the relationship between Algeria and the Republic of Ireland, specifically in the area of commercial investment. It encourages the promotion of enterprise and the development of economic projects in both countries by identifying opportunities available to member companies.

By developing and enhancing relations between Irish and Algerian business communities, encouraging the exchange of goods and services, and communicating with the authorities in both countries to improve co-operation and eliminate any obstacles that may arise, the Business Council will serve as a vital link between the two communities.


Among the services available to members of the Irish-Algerian Business Council are:


Develop and enhance the relations between the two business communities and advise on the economic opportunities available to them.

Proactive identification of companies seeking external resources followed by an introduction to potential contacts.

Encourage exports and exchange of goods and services through continuous communications and the provision of information.

Business leaders will be connected through a host of organised, relevant and interesting networking opportunities.

Communicate with the authorities in both countries to improve cooperation and eliminate obstacles.

Encourage the construction of economic projects by identifying the best finance channels and providing relevant information.

Assist in settling commercial disputes.

Focus on training, technology and access to knowledge programs.

Co-operation with other Irish Algerian business and diplomatic organisations, promoting vertical integration between businesses.

Provision of a professional consultancy operation.


By connecting like-minded business people through its vast network of high-level contacts, the Council will pro-actively promote Irish and Algerian business interests in a focused and professional manner to achieve the optimum results for its members.

Business Sectors in Algeria